Added features make it easier to delegate

April 14, 2010

We have added many more features to Virtual Media International’s management system such as a brand new RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). It is now set up to where you can type in your own return policy. This will direct customers to go to the return section on the website, enter in their order number, and then follow the return procedures you have set up.


Speaker Magazine

March 31, 2010

Check out an article from Chris in Speaker Magazine http://www.nsaspeaker-magazine.org/nsaspeaker/200906/?pm=2&zin=162&u1=texterity&pg=8&z=81=8&z=81#pg8


Radio Show WBZT 1230AM

March 30, 2010

Hope you enjoyed listening to Chris’ radio show today with special guest Laz Sanchez. Tune in next Tuesday where Chris will have guest speaker Ed Lamonte. Listen in from 10:00-11:00am EST.