With over 20 years experience developing and marketing multiple companies, as diverse as insurance brokerage firms to recording studios, and many others, Christopher Cooper has developed an eye for perfection and mastered the art of relationship-building. To quote Christopher, “The challenge of selling is learning how to connect with people; you connect – you collect!”

Now you can connect with Christopher Cooper every Tuesday morning at 10am – on “The Road To Success” radio show – on AM 1230 WBZT and WBZT.com. Christopher and his guests from the world of finance and business fill the hour with thought-provoking ideas and personal stories about building and growing successful businesses. The goal is to educate and stimulate your own ideas that will guide you on your personal “Road To Success.”

It’s LIVE and life-changing – and you can participate by phoning in to the studio and becoming part of the conversation with Christopher and his guests. On line, or on the air – it’s practical and positive direction from people who know how to travel that Road To Success – every Tuesday morning at 10!

Phone: 561/433-4711
Toll-free: 1-800/633-4240


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